Welcome to the Peter Faux Dance Ensemble
The Dance Ensemble presents classes for 3yo+ with emphasis initially of enjoyment and learning through imagination.

These classes are inter-active with students and teacher developing themes and ideas for dances. Story lines are regularly mimed and danced. The classes encourage children to learn co-operation and develop communication skills. Exercises and steps are given to develop freedom of movement and co-ordination.

In subsequent years, students can continue to dance for self-enjoyment or develop through graded levels thereby increasing the quality of their movements. This syllabus method ensures students have enhanced rhythm, timing, balance and co-ordination which assists and aids them in all sporting activity for the rest of their lives.

Dance employs the entire muscular and skeletal structure of the body; consequently, emphasis is placed on postural alignment and muscular balance. Individual sports use sports specific muscles, which can cause muscular imbalances, thereby leading to injuries. In addition, muscular imbalances can cause back problems, spinal irregularities and headaches, along with numerous other problems. When correctly developed, better posture and alignment also improves general health and well-being.

At the Dance Ensemble, students are encouraged to develop self-discipline in order to pursue a higher degree of quality in their work. As all achievement stems from commitment and application of skills, students therefore develop a better sense of responsibility and maturity.

Quality instruction through qualified teachers can ensure students can pursue a dance career or more specifically have a greater opportunity to participate in any sport with a lower risk of injury.

Prepare the Body.   Prepare the Mind.  Engage the Spirit.   Perform.
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