Jazz, originally known as Jass, originates from African tribal traditions and developed through the African slave trade by way of Haiti, Cuba and NewOrleans to New York. The Dance Ensemble presents classes in MDES JAZZ (Modern Dance Education Syllabus), which is a method of learning dance styles including Spiritual, Jazz, Blues and Afro-Cuban, thereby incorporating the rich heritage and valuable history of Jazz. Graduation as a dancer in the MDES methodology is a Diploma Certificate after which the syllabus teaching levels may be studied.
Tap is a methodology rather than a structured syllabus, thereby allowing for greater freedom of expression and performance to ensure the development of skills in a progression commensurate with the student's personality and capabilities.


Contemporary is the Traditional Style and incorporates movement studies of well respected professional dancers, such as Jose Limon, Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Isadora Duncan and Katherine Dunham.

Classical Ballet is also best learnt through a syllabus application, which ensures the dancer has good posture, excellent alignment, smooth rhythm, enhanced co-ordination, keen sense of balance and accentuated timing, all essential attributes for a career as a professional dancer, dance teacher or athlete. The Dance Ensemble presents classes in the CECCHETTI method which is a romantic style incorporating the qualities of grace, charm, poise and elegance well associated with the true classical tradition.MAESTRO ENRICO CECCHETTI was a Dance Master renowned for exceptional agility, strength, flexibility and speed of beats. The CECCHETTI methodology develops qualities, skills and attributes greatly respected by the professional community.