Learning Philosophy

Many students are attracted to the visual excitement of dance and have dreams of achieving great heights. Yet, without self-discipline, passion of commitment, desire of perseverance, dedicated application to achieve and willingness to learn and study no dream can he achieved and no goal reached.

'Dancers keep looking for the perfect teacher without realizing that it's all there within themselves. They have to be responsible for themselves. You teach yourself; the teacher is a guide. If you do not hear the advice, corrections and words of your guide, it makes no difference how great the teacher. You will never dance.'

'A sensitive and expressive use of the arms exquisite hands, a mobile upper back, an open, unstrained chest, the tilt of the head, the glance of the eyes — these are the qualities that mark the seasoned professional. They are the characteristics immediately noticed by the onlookers, neophytes and experts alike. The emerging dancer with an eloquent port de bras, especially the young woman, immediately attracts favorable attention. He/She is perceived as talented, and until he/she should prove otherwise his/her development will be undertaken with special care.'

The comments were written down during dance classes being instructed by other Teachers.